How to Prepare For Christmas

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Valerie Lack
1 year ago

In Queensland, we have the opportunity to give food to those less fortunate, through an organisation called “OZ harvest.” Most churches also collect for the poor. At least this gives us a chance to contribute and share.

Vicky Sammut
1 year ago

Thank you, Bruce, for the very powerful message. It is easy to give to the various charities at this time without thinking about why and to now know that it goes back to the first Advent. Loved your stories about your childhood Christmases. I am in my early 70s and it reminded me of when my sisters and I got one doll between us and yet we were so happy. Certainly a much simpler time. God bless you and your ministry in the wonderful work you do.

Lucy Kimani
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for a lovely session of the Advent Season. Be Blessed as you continue to spiritually feed us with the Word of God. Downes Ministry, Musical persons & all your staff, May God Bless you all abundantly.

Sherry Anton
1 year ago

Thank you, Bruce. I just listened to Rosmary’s “Heart” session. We are blessed to have you two!!

Ursel Mihelcic
1 year ago


1 year ago

Thanks Bruce. I needed to hear this powerful message of what Christmas is really about. The stories of your growing up reminded me of Christmas in my childhood as one of seven children in a country town and attending midnight Mass. God bless.