Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

In the name of the Father
and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

From my head to my heart
across the entirety of my life,
may the power and the victory of the cross
be upon me and within me.

Holy Spirit you are God.
You were sent from God Our Father
and Jesus your Son to me.

Fill me more deeply with your presence.

You are wanted in my life.
You are welcome in my life.
You are needed in my life.

Holy Spirit deepen my knowledge and personal relationship with you.

You are the power of God alive in me.
You are the strength of God within me.
You are the enabler of God within me.

Holy Spirit you enable me to HEAR the voice of God in my heart.
Holy Spirit you enable me to RESPOND to the voice of God in my heart.
Holy Spirit you enable me to ACT according to the voice of God in my heart.
Holy Spirit you enable me to LOVE in keeping with the voice of God in my heart.

Lead me in truth
Guide me in wisdom
Strengthen me in courage

Holy Spirit come upon me in power and have your will in me.


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Eileen Chisari
21 days ago

O come Holy Spirit and fill the hearts of Thy Faithful. I INVITE YOU and I NEED YOU in my life.

Denise Burke
21 days ago

Empowering. Thank you Bruce

21 days ago

Bruce you are looking very dapper today!!

21 days ago

Beautiful prayer. Thank you Bruce.

21 days ago

Thank you Bruce for this series!

21 days ago

Alway needed to refresh ourselves daily. Great to do so with others

Olive Matura
21 days ago

God bless the I found this link. It is helping in my devotion with God. Thank you Bruce

21 days ago

Thank you for today’s message on the Holy Spirit! Thank you for the prayer, inviting the Holy Spirit into our lives!! May God bless you richly!

21 days ago

Love this prayer THANK YOU BRUCE

Denise Webb
20 days ago

Bruce, As a catholic I, too, have been confirmed ( I was 9) and I didn’t fully understand what it meant. We were told we were now soldiers for Christ and the Bishop would give us a slight slap on our cheek which symbolized this. All I hoped for at that time, was if the time came that I would have to declare I was a Catholic and loved Jesus, was that I would be brave enough to be a martyr for Christ. As I have aged, my understanding of the Holy Spirit has grown up, too. Yet I know… Read more »

Olive Matura
20 days ago

Thank you for your wonderful presentation and prayers today and God bless you amen

19 days ago

Thank you. So empowering. We all need the Holy Spirit in our lives. Please stay in mine.

18 days ago

My husband, Joe, and I live in an independent/ assisted living facility in Florida. I say to all here that we are most certainly “cramming” for finals here and your teachings are really so helpful. Thank you so much and be blessed all-ways!!

17 days ago

Beautiful prayer that is full of meaning

Ruth Olsen
17 days ago

Thank you For this series also – it’s very much needed to help awaken anyone to how the Holy Spirit opens our ears, eyes and hearts to Lord Jesus, to Abba Father, to Holy Spirit our Helper, to God’s love, in us and through us to others. The journey is good. Bless you!

Cynthia Ross
15 days ago

Dear Bruce, a word of gratitude to you and your team for sharing the Prayer to the Holy Spirit. May our Lord continue to bless you and your global ministry.

14 days ago

Thank you Bruce for the teachings on the Holy Spirit. Thank you for the daily prayer to the Holy Spirit such a great help.

Linda kitchen
14 days ago

Thank you Bruce. This series has touched my heart as my family is broken. Thankful Rosemary is healing.

Marion Abraham
14 days ago

Thank you Bruce for the series of the Holy Spirit, I’m learning so much and I’m grateful to you and your team. I have sent the prayer to many family members and friends.
Thank God Rosemary is healing well.
God bless you all 🙏🏽

13 days ago

Beautiful prayer, thank you Bruce. May God bless you, Rosemary and your family.

Denis Sullivan
13 days ago

Come Holy Spirit to us seeking you

astride miousse
12 days ago

AMEN! COMe Holly Spirit of light, peace and love…come inhabit my heart and my soul. Amen.

Christine Harvey
12 days ago

Thank You God for sending Bruce to us. Bruce, your messages and reflections strengthen me. May our Lord bless you and keep you and your family.

Joanne Millington
12 days ago

Thank you Bruce for your inspiration Come Holy Spirit ; fall afresh on us, enkindle in me the fire of your love.
Cast out all fear and self doubt in me that I may live in your light.