5th October - Keep Seeing God Where We Are

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11 months ago

Pray for my financial situation thank you god bless 🙏

11 months ago

Thank you Bruce for this very reassuring message!!! Thank you for reminding me that we- including myself need the experience of being constantly renewed by the Holy Spirit who keeps revealing God to us, exactly at the place we are in right now! God bless you Bruce,Rosemary and all who work so diligently in the ministries for the glory of God and for all of us and beyond!!! God willing I’ll be seeing you tomorrow Bruce!

Ursel Mihelcic
11 months ago


11 months ago

Grateful for this renewal of spirit! It began with your Lent series. God bless you! Amen

Marci Valente
11 months ago

Come Holy Spirit into our lives and renew us all. Amen🙏🕊

11 months ago

Thank you And Blessing to everyone

Isabel Jimenez
11 months ago


Jones Ruth
11 months ago

Dear Bruce, I hope people order your Holy Spirit book. Along with my other prayers I read 4 pages of your Holy Spirit Book. Such Beautiful prayers that you and other have written. I am almost finished my third time around reading this book. Thank you again for your ministry. GOD has blessed you with the gift of preaching. GOD BLESS!

11 months ago

Please pray that I can get myself financially untangled this month. It’s a temporary situation.
In the name of Jesus I pray.