27th September - Your Holy Ground

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29 days ago

I pray for Peter and all his needs, help him Almighty God, Amen

29 days ago

l am Blessed because l have God in my life .

29 days ago

Thank you Bruce I needed to hear this message!!! To become more aware that I am STANDING ON HOLY GROUND!!! It is just like the time Bruce when I have been recently reading a book of yours and see the same words that have popped up in my mind while I had been still before the Lord or while I prayed to the Lord!!! I thank the Lord for those moments!!! May the Lord keep blessing you abundantly Bruce, Rosemary and all who work diligently in the ministries!!! And I will see you again tomorrow Bruce,God Willing as always!

Yavitrie Adhar
29 days ago

Please pray for Yavitrie, Soney, Rennard, Joshua, Brianna, Japheth, Samantha, Robin, Emma, Mia ,Indira ,Suzanne, Elijah, Ashton, Analisa, Satesh, Shivani, Vishnu, Devita, Crystal, Deniesha in Jesus mighty name 🙏

Lucy Kimani
29 days ago

Thank you Bruce for the Word on Holy Ground. Blessed Monday!

Jones Ruth
28 days ago

Pray for the USA. The Holy Spirit Book that I purchased from you I am on my 1/3 way through my 3rd time around. The prayers never get old. God Bless you and your family and crew!

28 days ago

Thank you Bruce! Please ascend Lord. I am listening as you usually give me a yes or no. Amen

Ursel Mihelcic
28 days ago


Marci Valente
28 days ago

Thank you Bruce. God bless you all today and always 💞🙏🕊🌈🌎