28th September - It's OK to Ask God How

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7 months ago

”Did l not tell you that if you believe , you with see the Glory of God ? ”

7 months ago

As you help us walk each day with God, so often there’s a reminder of past events or hindsight showing that it could only have been God who lined things up “just so” in my life. Nothing is impossible for God. Surrendering each day to God and trusting the “how” to Him is the smartest move I can make each day!!

Ursel Mihelcic
7 months ago


Mary Ann
7 months ago

Bruce I really needed to hear that today! It spoke to me enormously and gave me such comfort. Of course He will show me how!
I’ve said yes but feeling hopelessly inadequate. But I’m listening and learning.
I just need to trust Him. He called I answered and now I will leave the rest to Him.

7 months ago

Thank you Bruce for this truly enlightening message!!! There is a lot in this message to ponder about, just like Mary did. And I most certainly need to ask ” How Lord???” “In what way Lord do You mean?” Just only yesterday did my eyes fall upon Hosea 12: 6 which brought me way back when a Counselor asked ” You have this strong sense of justice, what are you going to do about it?” To be honest I had no idea. Most recently Love and God’s Love has been the most important factor of my life, in all of… Read more »

Lucy Kimani
7 months ago

Thank you Bruce for the wonderful teaching of today. Blessed Tuesday!

Yavitrie Adhar
7 months ago

Please pray for Yavitrie, Soney, Rennard, Joshua, Brianna, Japheth, Samantha, Robin, Emma, Mia, Indira, Suzanne, Elijah, Ashton, Analisa, Satesh, Shivani, Vishnu, Devita, Crystal, and Denisa in Jesus mighty name 🙏

Marci Valente
7 months ago

Thank You for today’s lesson. God bless you all