Holy Week - Day 4

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Donna Nash
4 years ago

Thank you that was beautiful a great reminder of my great need of Jesus.

4 years ago

I’m still with you, Bruce . . . . .
Thank you for drawing us deeply today into surrender, into its mystery, into its depth , into my utter need of God. . . . . .

Raymond Russo
4 years ago

Another beautiful analogy Bruce…I pray that you and yours will stay safe during Holy Week and beyond…
Blessings…Raymond and Frances

4 years ago

Thank you Bruce for your message of surrendering to God, may we all be closer to Jesus. God bless you.

Lisa McDaniel
4 years ago

Bruce ✝️
Thank you for your faithfulness to Christ and to the ministry call in bringing His hope and indepth truth to others..

God bless you and yours …
Lisa McDaniel .

Jan S
4 years ago

Thank-you for reminding us that we have great human frailty and that our need for Jesus is great. Thank you for your beautiful words of wisdom. Blessings to you and your family.

Odell Roundtree
Reply to  Jan S
4 years ago


Thank you for another heartfelt message. I wonder how Jesus was feeling during this week especially Good Friday. Also wondering how I would have acted if I were born back in that time. Would I be for Him or cheering against Him with the crowd. Good Friday is a day when I like to sit and reflect on what may have been happening during that time.

Theresa Grubbs
4 years ago


Rosie imbert
4 years ago

Thank you Bruce for strengthening our spiritual faith.. miss you ????