What does the Lamb of God mean? - 19th August

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Christine Thomas
5 months ago

God bless the ministry of God’s love.

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5 months ago


Diane McDonald
5 months ago

Thank you Bruce for your excellent teaching today. I am going to be flippant now Hope it does not offend anyone. When our daughter was being married at the mass and we got to Lamb of God one of our dear unchurched friends remembered he had put the lamb on to cook and did not turn it down so he left to fix it Luckily he lived in the next street returning for the rest of the ceremony

Reply to  Diane McDonald
5 months ago

An early morning chuckle for me, Diane.
No offence taken.
God Bless.

Reply to  Diane McDonald
5 months ago

That’s was soon funny… thanks for sharing! We all need to lighten up so our “light” can shine!🤗

5 months ago

😊 Thank You 🙏 and God ❤️ Bless

5 months ago

Thank you Bruce for this special message!!! I find our Lord Jesus’ sacrifice as the Lamb of God in my prayers to be most important as He is the Only One who could save us from perishing forever due to sin! There is just no human being, no other animal sacrifice, not one of us capable of obeying all of God’s Laws that would have been able to save all of humanity!!! Only our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God!!! Great, most important message we need to hear Bruce!!! May the Lord continue to bless abundantly… Read more »

Susan Dudek
5 months ago

Bruce, once again, Thank You for your wonderful message! You’re invaluable! God has surly Blessed you and your Spirit! Have a wonderful day!
God Bless you, Rosemary & the Team!
P.S. Diane McDonald, thanks for the Chuckle!

Kathy higdon
5 months ago

Thank you Bruce for helping me to understand the true meaning of the Lamb of God!

5 months ago


Gloria Young
5 months ago

Thank you Bruce for the scripture lessons. You help me relate better to the bible scriptures and understanding. God bless you and your team

Linda Joyce
5 months ago

Hello Bruce
thank you for the Ministry and daily devotionals
when i send you a gift please don not send me a letter of thanks because I know you appreciate it.

I trust you and you can save on the stationery and postage

May God bless you, Mary keep you, and St. Joseph protect you