Jesus Says See Me - 25th August

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Kathy higdon
1 year ago

Thank you for showing me Jesus in a different light

1 year ago

Jesus, I want to know you more clearly in my life!

Lisa Dreyer
1 year ago


1 year ago

Jesus I want to open my heart to see & feel you more deeply.

1 year ago

Thank You 😊 And please have a Blessed Day 😊.

Patti Grandolfo
1 year ago

I know Jesus is with me every minute of the day, I want to know him and feel him in my heart always. Thank you for helping me understand that. May God bless you and your ministry and may we feel his presence daily. In Jesus’name through the power of the Holy Spirit 🙏🕊️

Reply to  Patti Grandolfo
1 year ago

Perfectly said, Patti.
God Bless.

Susan Dudek
1 year ago

G’d Mornin’ Bruce! What a wonderful Devotional today! Yes, I’ve frequently heard, there are no coincidences, just God performing His miracles in your everyday life. We need to pray and be more observant!
God Bless you, and keep you safe! ❤️🙏🏼🕊

Last edited 1 year ago by Susan Dudek
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for explaining this passage of Scripture that has hit home!!! Jesus Lord I want to see You more clearly and more deeply in my life. Lord Jesus I want to know You more and more deeply. Lord Jesus I want to truly experience You more deeply in my life. Not just once, but every day Lord Jesus!!! I pray for all this with all my heart Lord Jesus…

1 year ago

Continue to open the eyes of the soul of each of us to celebrate the God, Most Blessed Trinity who is always working behind the scenes, to the point where even an unexpected phone call or letter comes ours way.. when little things become big!!!! 🤩. Never luck… or out of the Blue so to speak…. They are God winks that show He is always there🕊. Now to continue to open deaf ears cause He speaks to us 24-7-365!!! Bruce and Rosemary and team be very blessed as you make a big difference!!!

Susan Dudek
Reply to  Sandie
1 year ago


Carla Villafana
1 year ago

My mom used to say “Familiarity breeds contempt”. This story of Jesus always reminds me of that. Thank you for your lesson and your prayer.

1 year ago

What Bible do you use

Reply to  Mark
1 year ago

Bruce uses the Catholic edition of the NRSV (Newly revised standard version). it is the one he used when studying at the Catholic University of Notre Dame. It is one of the closest translations to the original language. We have them available in our store. We pray that you are falling in love with Jesus more through this Ministry. God’s blessings to you Rosemary Downes

1 year ago


1 year ago

Thanks once again Bruce for your message. I discovered your Daily Devotionals during Lent 2020 and now I start my day with them. Today’s message was certainly what I needed NOW. For the past few months I have been pondering a change in my circumstances which I thought was right at the moment. However ‘roadblocks’ have arisen which I didn’t understand until I heard your message, now I realise that perhaps that pathway wasn’t right for me NOW. Perhaps God is not saying No, but simply NOT YET! This gives me peace and to instead live one day at a… Read more »