Prayer from the Heart - 29th August

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30 days ago


30 days ago

It is good for us all around the world to join as one, as we did this morning, to have our prayer time together. Just another side of the devotional that we watch each day. Thank you

Reply to  Georgie
28 days ago

I agree wholeheartedly! 🕊. We get to call God Almighty Father thanks be to Jesus….. He made us a family… how great is that!!!

30 days ago

What a mighty God we have

30 days ago

Thank you for sharing prayer with us & for us Bruce. May all be Blessed at your gatherings in the East & beyond. Come Holy Spirit Come.

Dianne Meredith
30 days ago

Thank you I was deeply moved by you leading us in prayer. Thank you for giving me a relationship with God. It has changed my life. as i always thought I was lucky but know I come to realize it was the Holy Spirit. Being at the right place at the right time. through him. thanks again

Reply to  Dianne Meredith
29 days ago

👍. “Out of the Blue”….He orchestrates things.. big and small! God is so very good to all of us! Tell your story and bring others to an awareness of His great Love, watchful eyes and hands on policy!

30 days ago

Thank you for our prayer time this morning.

30 days ago

Thank you. You are a humble servant.

29 days ago

God Bless you Thank you

29 days ago

Thank you so much Bruce for this very special message!!! Thank you also so much for this powerful prayer we prayed to our Loving God today!!! I will be seeing this message more often because of this powerful prayer and I will pray the prayer again and again Bruce!!! May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly Bruce, Rosemary and all in the ministries who are travelling with you in Australia and in the future, America!!! As well as those who remain to do their work for the Lord in Australia!!!

29 days ago

We shall pray for your meetings and He will hear and answer and you will be “astounded “ and peoples lives will be changed big time cause that’s what you are meant to do…bringing an awareness of Jesus and His great love of all even those who don’t believe yet! “ Father I thank you cause We have prayed for revival so needed!”

29 days ago

Thank You 😊 Bruce&Rosemary and Team 😊. You’re praying and message yesterday is so rewarding 🙏😊. Have a blessed Day.

29 days ago

Thank you Bruce!
PS come to Townsville please 🔥🌞👋🙋‍♀️🥳

29 days ago

Beautiful prayer and so lovely joining as one. Thank you Bruce.

jill Rietmeyer
29 days ago

Thankyou Bruce for that prayer
it really touched me. I have not been able to pray lately .
the power of the holey Spirit is beyond what we understand.
you prayer really touched me.
I have with me a refugee half Russian and half Ukrain I saw that prayer go out to his family in Ukrain, the power of prayer.

28 days ago

You could definitely make a prayer -worship and praise CD to be accompany us before ours set time for meeting with Him! Also a heads up for many in the US who desire to lift you and your team up in prayer during your upcoming meeting … you are 14 hours ahead of us time wise so the 3rd for us would be the 2nd👍 Be very blessed as you serve Him well!!!

25 days ago

What a blessing you are to me and our world, Bruce. Thank you for these guided prayers. I need them to help me focus.

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Shirley Jenner
23 days ago

It’s Sunday 4th, I’m catching up. Maybe this time is the right time. Can’t stop crying. I feel like God saw me. Had lost the feeling for a while. Thank you, God he with you all.