Bring Your Burdens to Jesus - 9th September

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John T
4 months ago

Good morning Bruce, how true has this message been for myself, for I’ve had one of those weeks, even though I’m retired, things still seem to build up, and yes, I put into place exactly what Jesus says, to put my burdens on him, by talking with him and then taking the peaceful rest, it took a couple of days, but it worked out beautifully.
God’s blessings to you and the ministry team 🙏 🕊

4 months ago

Good morning Bruce! Your phone is ringing! Jesus is calling.

4 months ago

Thank You. .Bruce , Rosemary.., ministry team.

4 months ago

Thank you Bruce, I’ll do just that!!! Come to Jesus with my weariness and burdens and He will give me rest, peace of mind and heart. That I am not carrying all on my own! That our Lord Jesus is with me! May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly Bruce, Rosemary and those who work in the ministries, as you all keep doing good work for our Lord and for us all too!!!

4 months ago


Patricia Smith
4 months ago

Good Day Bruce. It’s the right way and I know it so well, but I keep on taking it back from God. 😢 I am always trying to sort things out myself.I’ll keep on praying 🙏 Thank you so much. God bless and keep you safe.

Mary H
4 months ago

This was such a wonderful message to hear before I start this day with its challenges. Daily reminders of the words that give life if we embrace them is such a gift! Thank you Bruce!

4 months ago

Amen 🙏 and Thank You Bruce&Rosemary ❤️ and Team ❤️beautiful Words 😊 May God ❤️ Bless You’re Weekend with Peace and Much Love ❤️.

Kathy higdon
4 months ago

Thank you for reminding me that Jesus is with me. He will help me to carry my burdens. I just need to ask. I really needed to be reminded to be humble and kind!

Sandi Francis
4 months ago

Bruce you are a great messanger of the Lord…you make the word clear and easily understood.

Kathy O’Connor
4 months ago

Thank you Bruce. It is a blessing to be able to hear the word of God through you. Thank you for being real.

4 months ago

Thank you Bruce. I love your honesty, your kind heart and I know you have helped me in my faith life with your daily devotionals.

4 months ago

This message is so true. I’ve had a busy and at times chaotic week but I’ve been able to deal with those stresses because I’ve leaned on Jesus. At the end of each day, I’ve thanked him for sustaining me in the work I believe he has called me to do and for giving me a wonderful husband to work along side of me

Barbara Naylor
4 months ago

Please pray for God’s Rest after two Breast cancer operations 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Reply to  Barbara Naylor
4 months ago

Dear Barbara, we are praying for you and your health.May the comfort and peace that can only come from Our Lord rest upon you in Jesus name. Much love Rosemary Downes