How We Enter The Inner Life of God - 29th September

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Dennis Joseph Hoiberg
1 year ago

Hi Bruce – Dennis Hoiberg from Henely Beach Parish Adelaide Australia – we have a mutual friend in the form of Robert Falzon from Brisbane and Men Alive. Bruce – is it possible that I could put that link on our website so that these daily devotionals are available to all of our followers – we have about 700 and raising. Would love to assist in broadening your followship. My contact details if you need them is [email protected]

Bruce Downes
Reply to  Dennis Joseph Hoiberg
1 year ago

Hello Dennis
Yes there is no problem with the Daily Devotionals going to your website. Our team will be in contact.
Have a blessed day.

1 year ago

God Bless you abundantly Bruce, & thank you for all you share with us, about our Loving God.

Karyn Holwell
1 year ago

Thankyou Bruce for helping us draw nearer to God, and improving our intimacy, love and understanding of Jesus. I look forward to hearing your word every day to set my heart right and keep me focused on our Lord.

Alister McLean
1 year ago

Please Bruce, remember that the possessive of Jesus is Jesus’ not Jesus’s.

Bruce Downes
Reply to  Alister McLean
1 year ago

Thanks Alister, I will send that on to our editors.

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for this timely message that is answering part of my prayers!!! I will spend more time with this passage and pray!!! Thank You Lord!!! Please continue to bless Bruce, Rosemary and those in the ministries Lord God, who are doing such good work for You, for all of us and for all of those in the near future!!! May many bricks keep flying for the Faith Building Father God, I pray in Jesus mighty name, through the power of our Great Holy Spirit! Amen.

1 year ago

Because of todays message I ask God to give me one thing I am to learn and to know. Thank you!

1 year ago


1 year ago

Do you have these devotionals on YouTube?

Reply to  Bonnie
1 year ago

Yes they are- if you type in The Catholic Guy- all the talks/videos are on there. Thank you we hope and pray that they help you come to know and love the Lord more. God Bless Rosemary Downes