Praise God Throughout

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Vicki Gibbs
3 years ago

I have been feeling it is important to speak out my prayers and not just think them, even though I am old and live alone. Is this something I should do? I feel like I should ” Declare aloud” the Word of God into the “atmosphere”

Jeanette Easton
3 years ago

I would like this to be more Bruce but it is the best I can do at this time. Many thanks for your wonderful ministry.

Linda Franze
3 years ago

Oh Bruce, your messages this week, including your Sunday teaching, have really uplifted and illuminated me. They have truly touched at the heart of my life and where I am spiritually at the moment. I have just finished watching your last two daily videos, as well as the Sunday service, and wow, what an impact it has made for me. It was as if these were the exact words that I was meant to hear. I thank and praise our exceedingly wonderful God who has spoken and uplifted me through you. Thank you Bruce and may the Lord bless you… Read more »

John Hampshire
3 years ago

we are blest to be able to listen to you, especially your thoughts on the Holy Spirit.we have have learned a lot and have been able to see the Holy Spirit more clearly in our lives thanks to you.i must say my eyes have been opened in some ways.god bless you and rosemary,thank you

Sandie murray
3 years ago

Be blessed and highly favored by God and man… just like Jesus????