Reflection Takes Us Deeper - Matthew 24:42-51

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Sandie murray
3 years ago

You, dear one, and your entire team are helping a multitude of us that are going to go to a higher level and make others want the peace and joy that surpasses all understanding when we seek Him with gratitude personified! He is so very good to all of us, believers and non believers, no respecter of persons! Holy Spirit flood this earth with your amazing ability to help us be what God planned and enjoy life everyday no matter what circumstances come our way!!!

3 years ago

Thanks Bruce – on watchfulness, I read something recently that part of being mindful about how we are living is not to look back too much (and beat ourselves up or give ourselves false credit for past actions). Just take a leap of faith and live right now for God.

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for today’s message while reflecting on the scripture passage Matthew 24: 42-51. Watchfulness, being alert to what the Lord is saying to me today I didn’t associate this with me being transformed into who God has intended for me to be. Thank you for this insight. The word IMPLEMENT jumps out at me when you mention it Bruce. I will need to take notice when the opportunity arises today! Thank You Holy Spirit!

3 years ago

Thanku. I’ve been pondering lately, whether I’ve been amassing knowledge or implementing the word of God. But finding with time it’s becoming little by little unwavering faith that others anchor to in a storm. For all those anchoring in my growing faith. Thanku for the gift that keeps on giving even into nations. We see the first ripple, but beyond, where ripples flow out to the horizon is where we end and God flows like In Eph 3 : 21 Lord as those under the sound of this ministry give out what we receive to all around us, we trust… Read more »

Anne Setteducate
3 years ago

God is not finished with this world yet.