Walk It Out

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Valerie Simms
3 years ago

I never want to miss out on your daily messages Bruce! Living Miraculously is exactly what I need right now! Thank you Bruce! Thank You always Lord!

John T
3 years ago

Thanks Bruce for yet another brilliant series in walking daily with God, you always manage to bring new life to our daily travels in some of the simplest ways to make the necessary changes in ourselves so that we come closer to the will of God. Yesterday I was feeling somewhat trapped with this Covid pandemic and I used one of your basic tools and prayed to the Holy Spirit and made a personal plea to erase my trapped feeling by having a more intimate one on one relationship, so yes there is power in prayer, and I felt so… Read more »

Helen Pederson
3 years ago

Thanks Bruce,
What a powerful message today. Really struck a chord with me have been most unwell for a few weeks but, your message really lIfted my SPIRIT. GOD BLESS.
Each & every one of your messages is a blessing from God.

3 years ago

Many thanks for all you do and say Bruce. You will never know how many people you have touched or whose lives have been changed by your messages.
Thank you for persisting even in the “hard” times. The world needs your messages. We need your messages. I need your messages. Please continue.
I wish I could support you more but I do so when I can and keep you and your team in my daily prayers.

John Mc
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce,for the series walking and talking with God it wonderful series. While I was working I used to ask Our Blessed Lord what could I do for Him today, a job would then in, I would see how it would turn out l would when I finished and signed off I was asked if I would like a cup of tea and many times I was able to help them out just by sharing my walk in faith it was amazing how our Lord changed them and if I could I would them out.