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3 years ago

Dear LORD, through the power of the Holy Spirit, may I never forget that YOUR Holy Spirit, the same Spirit that raised JESUS from the dead dwells in ME, (Romans 8:11) loves me, wants to help me, will protect and guide me, is on my side, wants me to be HOLY…. The same Spirit that raised JESUS is IN ME…..THAT is MIND BLOWING!! GLORY TO GOD!!

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

The same Holy Spirit who raised Jesus from death to Life is within me raising me from death into Life. Holy Spirit it is very reassuring that throughout my life, You are changing me from habits, attitudes, behaviours and sin that prevents me from being sanctified, Jesus is holy. Being like Jesus in the way I think, feel, reverence and behave. I thank you that You dwell within me, to help, work, guide and empower me along my spiritual path in eternity that is now and forever.I am beginning to understand Lord eternity starts now not when I die,… Read more »