Keeping at It

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Anne Setteducate
3 years ago

I have no Peace right now because I have lost my self-control over my smoking & gave in again today.

Reply to  Anne Setteducate
3 years ago

Don’t lose hope, you can start again, keep praying. God sees your efforts.

Reply to  Susanne
3 years ago

Hi Anne, I understand that the fruits of the Holy Spirit also apply to how we view and treat ourselves – so I’d say, be joyful for the days that you did achieve your aim of not smoking and be kind and gentle with yourself as you start again!

Daysi M Franco
3 years ago

I thank you Bruce,you are an inspiration to me God bless

Jennifer Yeoh
3 years ago

Hi Bruce, I just made a donation today. Is it possible to get a receipt of the donation for tax deduction purpose? Thank you Jennifer Yeoh