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John Mc
3 years ago

thank You, Bruce

3 years ago

Thanks Bruce

3 years ago

These days we forget the Holiness of God and His Majesty , omnipotence etc. Instead, we are looking at our problems. What gets our attention gets us so thanks for this series on what the Holy Spirit’s work is. The potential for good with God is unbelievable.

John Mc
3 years ago

Bruce, Thank you for your words on scriptures this morning it was a real opening for me. It touched my heart when I see the Holy Spirit at work within me very quiet showing where I went wrong yesterday. I was hit by a broadside in an argument, I did not realize the word I chose was not the best. Jesus says, Be Holy As I Am Holy. How can I achieve this holiness that Our Lord is calling me to be a true Son of God the Father? May the Blessing of Our Lord Jesus be with you always,… Read more »

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce. I am really loving reading a chapter of Acts and answering the 5 questions you proposed for us to do every day, then mainly straight after I listen to your daily Living With Holy Spirit Power message and it is truly amazing how they relate so well together! Especially my answers, like a glove fits on a hand.Thank You Lord and thank you Bruce for all that I am learning and receiving!
In Christ’s Love and in the gift of the Holy Spirit

1 year ago

God bless you Bruce and a happy Easter