Our Own Path To Holiness

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3 years ago

Thank you Bruce , it is so true , many of us have a preconceived idea about what holiness is . I always feel that my family are holier than me because they attend Mass more often but now I see that we are all on our own journey of holiness. Thank you for your daily messages , I look forward to them each morning.

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for clarifying what it means to be holy.I have come to face with preconceived ideas from a certain member of the family who didn’t want to be holy as this would have made her look down on others and be part of a fanatical group, setting themselves apart and pressuring others to join their ways. I have to admit I’ve had preconceived ideas of my own too. And your right about how our circumstances, life changes as we grow older. The role of a busy mum has gone. How I relate to my son now has changed.… Read more »

Laura Picard
3 years ago

Amen Bruce Amen,
Religion has gotten away from that aspect. trying to lump us up into one category making us some kind a mold when we have a God ordained mold individually. God bless you I am going to enjoy this immensely. I truly enjoyed your Lenten journey for the past 2 years. I hope Rosemary has some thoughts to0. Blessings like rain and Thank you

3 years ago


3 years ago

How is my life is not holy