Relating to the Holy Spirit

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4 years ago

Please pray my adult son Dave gets his own apt n money so he can be independent now Thank you

Cheryl O'Grady
4 years ago

Thankyou so much, Bruce, for your revealing msgs on the work of the Holy Spirit. My husband and I are learning so much more. Grateful thanks.

Valerie Simms
4 years ago

Thank you Bruce for clearly stating the Holy Spirit as Lord and Giver of Life, the Paraclete who stands beside me, to power fill me not to make me power less. I believe I needed to hear this message today Bruce!
In Christ’s Love and in the power filled work of the Holy Spirit within!

Sheila Dyck
4 years ago

I ask for prayer selfishly today, for myself. My mind needs a renewal – I have been away from the Catholic Faith that I was born into, for many years. At the age of 59, I am feeling a call from The Holy Spirit to come back to the Church. Somehow my mind just gets totally confused when I try to Study The Catechism Book again, or pray Catholic prayers – I KNOW that I do not serve a God of confusion. So I ask for prayers to overcome these issues. Thank you and God Bless!!

Odell Roundtree
Reply to  Sheila Dyck
4 years ago


Thank you for teaching on the Holy Spirit. I learn something new with every lesson.