The Holy Spirit and Prayer

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Anne Dimech
1 year ago

Thank you so much Bruce I am really enjoying your sessions on The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Jeanette Easton
1 year ago

Bruce that was wonderful you are really bringing The Holy Spirit to us by teaching us how to connect. Thank you so much. God Bless You.

Reply to  Jeanette Easton
1 year ago

So pleased Bruce that i received your email. I have subscribed and i will refer my family to you. Its a real blessing to hear you and your message especially at this time with the isolation we have . God bless you and keep you well.

John T
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce, this message today really touched my inner self, I really appreciate the way you take passages of scripture and break it down with a simplified meaning. I’m currently going through the book of Acts as you suggested and find it truly a lovely book to read. God’s Blessings to you, your family and team. Amen

1 year ago

The challenge to hear God’s voice. How can we practically do it? I have been practising meditation but i am lucky if i can enjoy the quietness within for a few minutes. I am getting better with practise; your encouragement i persist…

1 year ago

Thanks for today’s message Bruce! When you said “it seems like a big family” – while I can’t speak for others, I do look forward to your daily podcasts and it does feel a bit like family – I attended one of your multi-day events and know who Sandra is, and I look forward to seeing comments from ‘regulars’. The sentence that really struck me as especially relevant in our world today is “For we too are his offspring” : applicable to those we regard as “our” family or community AND equally, individually to every other person on God’s earth.… Read more »

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce, Your messages are a great blessing

Valerie Simms
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for this message on how to listen to the Holy Spirit speaking within us. I do have a problem however when I ask many a time there is absolute silence. In times like these I turn to the Word, the Bible. Is this another way the Holy Spirit can speak to us?
In Christ’s Love

Carole Swift
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce I look forward to listening to you each day. My husband recently died and I have been very lonely you help me feel connected and I love your approach to the Bible. God bless you and your family.

aurea acevedo
5 months ago

how and where can i find the prayer to Holy Spirit

Christine V Harris
4 months ago

Yes, please, I would love to be joined in prayer with you and your Ministry for the Coming of the Holy Spirit, on myself, on all of my family, and on the whole world! Your message today, Bruce, was very timely, praise God! Daily, I have prayed, “Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of us your faithful. Enkindle in us the fire of your Divine Love. Send forth Your Spirit, and we shall be created, and You shall renew the face of the earth” (Followed by, “O, My Jesus, forgive us our sins. Save us from the fires of Hell,… Read more »

Jane Howell
4 months ago

Please send the material on praying for the Holy Spirit to come. I am on board and applaud your Spirit-led efforts to breathe new life, new creations in our desperately needy world.

Carolyn Keffer
4 months ago

I started watching your daily devotional on Ash Wednesday and am blessed each day by what you share. Loving series on the Holy Spirit. Truthfully, hadn’t seen the Holy Spirit as a person with whom I need to have a personal relationship before.

4 months ago

Your site for The [email protected] is not coming up . Please send me material reference in your Devotion of June 17, 2021. My email address is listed below. Thank you

Sandra Purcell (ADMIN)
Reply to  Norma
4 months ago

Hi Norma, just letting you know that [email protected] is an email address so you can send us an email to let us know that you want to be part of it. You may have thought it was a website. Have a blessed day! Sandra/BDCM Team

Elaine Moran
4 months ago

All I get is Billy Graham’s message. How do I get your’s?

Sandra Purcell (ADMIN)
Reply to  Elaine Moran
4 months ago

Hi Elaine, if you go to our website you can see all of the recent messages. If you would like to receive an email each day with the Daily Devotional video you can sign up here: Have a blessed day! Sandra BDCM/Team

Margaret Ann Pesci
4 months ago

Pleas sent me material on the Holy Spirit

Leona Watson
4 months ago

I will pray with you that the Holy Spirit come. Please send resources you mentioned. I enjoy the daily talks so much.