The Person of the Holy Spirit

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3 years ago

Thanks again Bruce. Even though the trinity is a mystery that can be conceptually confusing from time to time (esp when trying to answer grandkids’ questions), the unquestioned truth is “3 persons, 1 God”. The version of the Lord’s Prayer that says “Our Father WHICH art in heaven …” has always baffled me. Do other religions consider that God is an “object” like an idol?

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Bruce I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, read and the Scripture verse has popped into my head but not fully grasped the meaning of the body being the temple of the Holy Spirit, dwelling within me! Not fully understanding that the Person of the Holy Trinity, God dwells within me! That the Holy Spirit’s power to enable me, to empower me, to guide me, to talk to me is within me! And I totally missed remembering the last part of this Scripture verse; that I am not my own. I remember many years ago being reminded by a… Read more »