The Spirit Fills

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3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for this series on Living with the Holy Spirit. I pray the Holy Spirit continue to reveal himself more and more to me in my life, drawing me into the mystery of God. Amen.

3 years ago

Dear Holy Spirit, what a great Healer and Consoler you have been for me. Once we are healed You can begin to teach and lead. Thank you Lord, Holy Spirit.

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce your messages have helped enormously in regards to relating to the Holy Spirit. In any relationship it can only grow in intimacy by getting to know the other more deeply by devoting alone time, listening intensely to what is being said and to having a continuing interest in the other’s past, present and future life. How much more significantly important is all of this when the Other is the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, Lord and God Himself!!!! What’s so unbelievably amazing is that He comes to us as an everlasting, precious Gift… Read more »