You Don't Have To Do It All Now

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Mary Lee
3 years ago

Praising in song helps me.

Bruce Downes
3 years ago

The Praise of God – Holy God the Heavens Declare Yours Wonders and Glory – King of Kings and Lord of Lords – Worthy God – Sovereign King – My Lord and My God – My Lord and My King – My Lord and My Saviour – My Lord and Master – My Protector – My Guide – My Everything – I honour You and adore you – I honour You and bless you – I glorify You and worship you – I adore You – I honour You – The Lover of My Life – The Lover of My… Read more »

Brigitte Kiiza
Reply to  Bruce Downes
3 years ago

Thanks so much Bruce this has expanded my list so much more! Be blessed

Janelle Borg
Reply to  Bruce Downes
3 years ago

He is beautiful, beyond description, to marvelous for words

3 years ago

Bruce. You are sooo wise. When we magnify God all our troubles minimise. Your suggestion is a very practical tool.
Please pray that my niece whose son is greatly handicapped finds some respite(they live in the third world). May God help them at this time of locked down. In that country, lockdown has increased abuse of children, women,vulnerable people. Holy Spirit, forgive and change us…that is something that matters as all lives matter

Bernard Reilly - Australia
3 years ago

I retired several weeks ago, at the height of the pandemic shutdowns. It was already my intention to slow down, and to explore my prayer life. With so many prayer resources suddenly available online, and with time to work out how to access them, I began to mix-up my daily prayer – but always with a certain structure. I’ve always had a need for a structure to the way I communicate with God. You were one of my discoveries. I’ve taken onboard several hints you have offered. Including recently you were talking about writing down lists of the graces and… Read more »

3 years ago

Thank you Lord for loving me

Deanna Francke
3 years ago

God you are infinitely greater and beyond our reach
To the eternal King, immortal and invisible, the only God- to Him be honour and glory forever and ever Amen.
You make sense of everything
You are the Centre of my life
Lord You are good and forgiving

3 years ago

Lord God you are all merciful and all loving…….always

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Lord God your love is infinite, boundless, You are LOVE. Thank You for loving me into being. Lord God You are full of Compassion and Merciful.You care for me, providing for my physical,emotional and spiritual needs You are my Great Consoler, my Great Comforter when distressed and discouraged. Forever Faithful Friend that will never leave me nor forsake me. My Rock that I can depend on totally with my entire life. My refuge in times of trouble. Thank You Jesus that I can trust in You Always. Thank You Merciful Forgiving God that I can run repentant to You for… Read more »

John Mc
3 years ago

Thank You, Bruce I have always found the more I Praise and thank our Blessed Lord the more I receive. He is waiting for us to thank him for everything, even when I have hurt myself especially when I contemplate the suffering, Jesus did for me. Thank You. As a tradesman, I always asked Him that He could help me and the Job went along smoothly.

Di Zylstra
Reply to  John Mc
3 years ago

Heavenly Father, I thank You for your unconditional love and for your constant forgiveness. During this time of lockdown I am so aware of the inequalities of life and I pray with all my heart that meaningful changes will be made in the lives of the downtrodden and broken hearted, and that they will feel a sense of hope with Your Loving Arms tight around them. You are our Comforter. our Healer ,and Our Father.

Anne Setteducate
3 years ago

Thank You God, the Father for being my strength today to give up smoking. Thank You, Jesus, for being my comforter, my friend, especially when I am alone.

Bruce LaVere
3 years ago

Thank you God for always being there. I cannot imagine what my life would be like today without getting to know you better. You have carried me during the good and bad times, when I wasn’t aware of you. I am in awe of your greatness and all that I can understand about you. I hope more people can see you for who and what you are to humanity. What are we without you? Everyday I learn something new about you Lord. I cherish the times I can spend in relationship with you. Thank you so much God for letting… Read more »

Barbara Naylor
3 years ago

I have been writing a Grateful Journal for years,it is very beautiful