Making the Main Thing the Main Thing - Day 1

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3 years ago

This new topic seems like it is perfectly aligned with where one of my children is at the moment – starting into a totally different career from what she has followed for many years and making apparently life-altering decisions. Her attitude is “Whenever I’ve said “yes” to an opportunity like this, it’s always worked out”. I believe it is faith that – although there will be challenges along the way – God has a plan for her that is good overall and so it is OK to say “Yes”. I pray that this latest venture pans out as she hopes… Read more »

Pat Morneau
Reply to  Lee
3 years ago

I find it difficult to find a main thing in my personal life, except to get closer to God and to Heaven. I am older and have the wisdom to know that God is near.

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for another challenging new series. I am at the present moment confused as to which direction to take with what is my Main Thing. I know that a close intimate relationship with God is the Main thing to have in life. It is how, what way will He be expressed, proclaimed in my life. I recently had a dream to be closer to the Lord which involved a sea change, being closer to His creation. This would entail another change of Catholic Church, a participation in a group where we can discuss current issues we Catholics face.… Read more »

Avice Vogel
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce, enjoyed this talk and very much looking forward to the remaining talks of the series. Guess it is important to stop and think if this is what God wants me to be doing at his time in my life. Blessings.