Mid Week Prayer Service

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10 months ago

Thank you Bruce and everyone else for joining together to pray for our collective needs.

Merry Gultom
10 months ago

My name Merry Gultom from Indonesia, I have young brother, his name Jesse Gultom, he us married with mosleem woman and after 10 years. Now wife is Jesse want BAPTIST and Wedding church. Help you to pray and help assistance funds for planning that’s because I don’t have money.
Help give Us someone Donor for help Us to plannig that…thank you so much…

Merry G

Merry Gultom
10 months ago

To: Bruce Downes      Greetings …                                                                     I am Merry, from Indonesia, my youngest brother, Jesse, has been married the wrong way, he is married to a Muslim woman, and they have been married for 10 years, now I want to take care of them for church marriage and formerly sister’s wife I will be baptizedLikewise with children … now that is an obstacle for us, we… Read more »

10 months ago

Please prayer for my daughter and son in law who on Friday will become parents. May God bless them in all his glory.

Please pray for peace to be found in our hearts and the Holy Spirit in me.

Anne Setteducate
10 months ago

May the Lord continue to lift my spirits today. I believe God, please help my unbelief. Please help me not to give in to my smoking addiction today.

10 months ago

Pray for safety of hospice workers in America especially

Martin Aniah
10 months ago

Thank you very much for keeping us in touch with God and His Son Jesus every Sunday and Wednesday. God bless you and your team. Martin from Ghana.

10 months ago

Our grandson (17) is in counseling twice a week. His older brother said something to him about two months ago. They have not spoken since. He is having such a hard time and is under watch from harming himself.

last night the Lord said to me “Be still and Know that I am Lord” please pray that He gives me the grace to do that. There is nothing I can do but believe.