Mid Week Prayer Service

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19 days ago

what a wonderful, spiritual and meaningful service. Thank you God for using Bruce and the wonderful singers to bless all of us. Thank you for prayers answered.

Martin Aniah
19 days ago

I have missed today’s service but pray that God will grant me time to join you on Sunday. I thank you for the good work you are doing for us.

Daysi M Franco
19 days ago

Bruce thank you..I love listening to you,is like I’m listening to God himself talking to me thru you..I wish I have the wisdom you have from God…I thank you for all you do in bringing God to my heart.

Rattanavady Genevieve Luangrathrajasombat
18 days ago

AMEN thank you for the praying .GOD continues to Blessing your Ministries {Rosemary,Bruce your Family ,The Singers voices Echoing Sweetly in the screens And Staff.Amen

John Mc
18 days ago

Thank you for Teaching Bruce you opened up my heart and soul where I am living here there is no support, but the only way was to pray. our Lord Jesus has never let me down. I received last Wednesday scripture lesson but nothing since I find it very difficult not to receive teaching help if it is possible could you please Thursday and today teaching.thank you I will continue to pray for the new disciples and support them in prayer, O Gracious Lord pour your Graces for those in service please Lord Jesus hold them in the palm of… Read more »