A Time of Prayer

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Anne Setteducate
9 days ago

Please pray for my son , Bill & his wife Bernadette, that they both may do what God wants of them.

Anne Setteducate
9 days ago

Please pray that I not give in to depression but to trust God to heal me & trust in the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit.

Anne Setteducate
9 days ago

I seek the Peace of Christ, as he picks up my broken pieces. Thank you ; this has helped.

Valerie Simms
9 days ago

Thank you Bruce, Justin, Michaela and Zach for tonight’s Time of Prayer and beautiful worship. I’m glad that you prayed for relationships as well as marriages. These are stressful times and can make problems worse. Bringing our burdens to the Lord is the first port of call. As the Lord Jesus said it is He who will give us rest. God bless all of you!

7 days ago

I pray for spiritual upliftment, divine healingand all-round open doors upon my family.

5 days ago

Please pray that God would bless California with rain. The fires are raging and the air quality is terrible. So many have lost their homes and so many animals have perished.