A Time of Prayer

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3 years ago


sally clemens
3 years ago

Thank you so much truly beautiful enjoy listening to all the sessions. Singing is lovely and very moving. Such encouraging words God Bless you and the team and all thatare listening to your words.

3 years ago

Thank you Bruce and team for this time of prayer , it truly helps me . The songs are beautiful and I do replay them over and over again .
May God bless you all .

3 years ago

I really look forward to these Wednesday night sessions. It’s great to know that I’m joining with others lending support to their needs and gaining support for my own. And, what a way to mark the middle of the week!! Thanks Bruce and all the team.

stefany dower
3 years ago

Thank you for being so faithful to God and a great encourager to many

Rita Lewis
3 years ago

God bless your ministry Bruce, the team and your glorious singing. Filling our heart, uplifting spirit, in love and hope.
God bless your granddaughter Hannah, her parents and family who surround her with love. May God receive all our prayers and messages of hope. May the Holy Spirit flood our atmosphere with peace and love. You are all welcome here.

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce, Melissa,Justin, Zac and Team for this Time of Prayer. thank you Bruce for sharing an intimate, loving, caring time between your grand daughter who is disabled and her parents. Comparing their love to that of God’s love for us. It touched my heart. The worship also touched the heart which as usual, is sung and played beautifully and so spiritually. Many years ago Bruce, I attended a one day retreat at a Catholic Church where I met you for the first time. I also had the opportunity to hear and see your daughter, Melissa sing so beautifully!… Read more »

3 years ago

For a decision that needs to be made and I am very fearful ( feel paralyzed and tormented with this fear) about it. For an increase in faith May I hear wisdom and comfort from the Holy Spirit

3 years ago

beautiful reminders of the things we some times forget about,Thank you all

3 years ago

Again so powerful !

Thank God for his great love and mercy