A Time of Prayer

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3 years ago

I ask that we all pray for the world for peace and healing in this world and in our government that is so corrupted I pray that God heals this land from this feminine that we’re going through and all these people that are losing their businesses losing their jobs and they left us these people in the government that are really trying to do this country bad that we don’t go into a socialist country I’m sorry to say but the Democrats for them I don’t know what’s going on they’re bad people and they’re leading our country to… Read more »

Joyce Murabito-Gustafson
Reply to  Andrez
3 years ago


Janja Radas
3 years ago

Thank You Bruce for filling my heart with love and replenishing
my soul with FAITH. The Holy Spirit comes alive so deeply each time I listen to you, Rosemary and your wonderful musicians.
Thank You LORD JESUS for their work.
Thank You LORD JESUS for such a refreshing ministry.

God Bless you ALL


Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Lord God of all creation into Your mighty, capable and loving hands please hold all our requests, our needs, our cries for Your help in distress. All our situations. Where there seems to be no way, You Lord God will find a way. Where it seems impossible, You can make possible. Where there is bad, You Lord God can bring good. You are Good! You are Love! Lord of Peace, grant all of us Your peace. May we trust in You with all our heart, even when we don’t understand why. May Your perfect will be done which only wants… Read more »

3 years ago

Dear Heavenly Father, You are so Awesome and I invited your precious Holy Spirit into this prayer. Father thank you for giving me life and sending your son Jesus to be the ultimate sacrifice for everyone. Your desire to see all men saved. Father I lift up those that are being deceived by the enemy I pray that you push back the darkness and help them to see the light your light. I pray that you drowned out the voice of the enemy from their minds. Sent forth your Holy Spirit to draw them to come to know you love… Read more »

3 years ago

Felt His Presence so deeply Am amazed at how God uses Your Ministry. May He continue to bring healing n hope to all….. Praise God 🙂

Martin Aniah
3 years ago

Thank Bruce I grew up from a non Christian family but was converted by the White Missionaries to the Catholic Religion. I am glad to be a Christian.

Joyce Murabito-Gustafson
3 years ago

Please pray for my Granddaughter? 24 and pregnant… unborn babies family is bullying her snd it’s terrible! They are so rude to her and makes me so sad fir here! Thus should be a happy time fir her!
The step mother and sister are truly bully’s!
I feel bad saying that because God doesn’t like when people judge!