A Time of Prayer

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Mary Ann
13 days ago

Thank you once again Bruce.
The prayer session was powerful.
Yes the world is in great need and you provided us all with a chance to unite and join together in prayer for all those who have asked for themselves or for others.

13 days ago

Thank you Bruce for this Time of Prayer . I know a lot of people that are struggling right now in many different ways and I believe every prayer counts , God bless you and your ministry

13 days ago

Always appreciate the honesty and simplicity of the messages and the prayers. Be mightily blessed Bruce and may your team know the presence and power of the Holy Spirit always.

Cheryl Grace
12 days ago

Thanks, Bruce, for this time of prayer. There is so much happening in our world that only God can heal. God bless you and your team.

12 days ago

Bruce thank you for this powerful prayer session. And thank you for praying for my niece Nectaria who had a stroke on August 2, last year. I wrote to you requesting prayer and the very next day you prayed for her and she was the first person you prayed for that day around 11/8. Well yesterday I finally got to see her! She is home, seems to understand everything people say to her although she can’t speak but a few words like Hi and Bye. Despite the doctors saying she had no brain function on her left side, her daughter… Read more »

Bruce O'Ehley
12 days ago

Thanks Bruce. You are an inspiration.

Valerie Simms
11 days ago

Thank you Bruce and team for this special Time of Prayer. It truly has an impact on us when we all get together and pray as one!!! I know that the Lord does listen to our hearts each and everyone of us and answer our prayers. But there seems to be an indescribable spiritual power, when we come together, aware of each others needs and in unison support one another while we all pray to our Great, Compassionate and Merciful God!!! As we have prayed for this unique ministry to continue to be a huge shining Beacon to the world… Read more »