Making Your Relationships Great in 2021 - Day 2

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James Stone
3 years ago

Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge and May our Lord Bless you in your efforts.

Reply to  James Stone
3 years ago

thankyou for this message— yes we know these things, but sometimes we just do not pay attention to it— for no reason at al— life just goes on, the one day rolls into the other— thank you for making me aware again. GOD BLESS YOU .

Deidre Herring
3 years ago

There was a time in my life when I actually hated someone in my family. A wise priest helped me. He told me to pray for that person each day: not for the person to change, not for agreement between us but just a prayer for that person. I did. At first it was extremely hard to pray for that person but gradually the prayer softened me and it became very easy to pray for them and I continued doing so long after the hatred had melted away. I can recommend this method to everyone.

Reply to  Deidre Herring
3 years ago

Deidre, I have done exactly that for someone that I was truly hurt by and disliked , and indeed , it softened my heart towards them . I can now speak to that person without hurt or hatred . It is difficult but it can be done . God is amazing , prayers are amazing .
Thank you Bruce and team for these daily videos , God bless you all .

Denise Knowles
3 years ago

I love listening to you, my hùsband of 56 years is 80 years old, I am 76 We both love God, We both love the Catholic Church I mentioned in a message, we live in Hamilton Ontario.Canada and due to Covid 19, all the Churches are is our city. We see you have a great faith, please pray fo us, When you talked about relationships with family, I telephoned my brother we talked, I told him I love him and he answered that he loves me too, now today I called his wife, we finally had a nice long… Read more »

3 years ago

Thank you, Bruce. You have an amazing way of explaining passages of Scripture which is just so helpful.

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for this challenging message today! There was a certain lady in Church that I became friendly with who is an extremely good knitter. In my mind I had thoughts about how to get the parishioners to connect with one another, as I noticed just a few did and also because I was new to the Parish I didn’t really know many of them myself. Two thoughts came to mind. One was to start your ministry’s Watch Party and another was to start a Knitting Group. The lady who I did know to be a wonderful knitter, who… Read more »

Avice Vogel
Reply to  Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Praise you Holy Spirit. You go before us and confirm Your leading in many ways. Your talk today Bruce has given me joy and put a big smile on my face as I am reminded of His similar leadings in my life. God is surely blessing your ministry. Thank you Bruce and Rosemary.

Marina Foster
3 years ago

That is awesome. Thank you Bruce. God bless.

3 years ago

The peace and joy that fill our hearts when we ‘reconnect’ with someone with whom relationship was broken (for too long!), is quite a blessing!!. His faithfulness is neverending when we place our trust in Him, our God and Father.