Where Does Prayer Come From? - 17th November

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Sue Goldman
15 days ago

Enjoy listing to the daily devotionals ❤️
Good to hear you saw dolphins
Love your sense of humour – I hope the non Aussies get it😄

15 days ago

Thank you Bruce for reminding us to pray from the heart!

15 days ago

Thanks Bruce for your message today. Sometimes I feel my prayers are all head and not from the heart. Your words encourage me to keep going and not worry. Pleased you got to see dolphins. They are beautiful. God bless.

15 days ago

A very timely message, thank you Bruce. Last night I prayed God would help me surrender more deeply. Then when I heard you talk about lying prostrate to surrender I felt a deep need to do so immediately.
This is the second time I’ve felt this in the past few months, and in doing so on both occasions they have been deeply spiritual moments.

Reply to  Jessie
15 days ago

I’ve also had that feeling!!

15 days ago

Some days you make me cry, some days I shout with laughter, like today 🤣🤣🤣

15 days ago

Bruce thanks for sharing your stories. Your humor is a joy. Glad the dolphins swam by

15 days ago

The dolphins were a true sign to keep up the amazing work that you do in bringing people to Christ! Thank you Bruce, from one that you have truly changed.

Cheryl Dolan
14 days ago

Yes Bruce I did pray a sincere prayer that you would see a dolphin. I can’t tell you how many God wink moments I get. 🙏😊

14 days ago

Bruce humor sharing with each other the simple pleasures of the everyday is prayer. You often lighten the load with the Blessings of the everyday! Thank you for both the lesson and the love today💕

14 days ago

God is so smiling at all of us for that simple prayer that He enjoyed answering! Your hearts desire is truly His! Be very blessed!