Preparing for Pentecost - Relationship with the Holy Spirit

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3 years ago

Bruce, I had to chuckle when you said that sometimes we make decisions based on our own “independence” rather than “dependent upon”. God has certainly allowed me to exercise my “free choice” and so I’ve made a few of those “independent” decisions. Then God has absolutely trumped various of these decisions – always, ultimately, by taking me to something better and sometimes, I’d say, with a (loving) sense of humour!

3 years ago

Pls pray for my friends daughter Diane who is battling alcohol demonS. Her mom feels she needs Rehab now. This is very serious and needs intervention for her to come to surrender to treatment.

Deanna-Jane Sumner
Reply to  Susan
3 years ago

My prayers are with your friend, her daughter, and you and those who support her. My husband has been 40 days sober; tomorrow will be two weeks with him back at home. Allowing God to be in control is what helped us get through this. May His hand guide the daughter to seek help and give your friend the strength she will need to see her daughter get there.

Odell Roundtree
Reply to  Deanna-Jane Sumner
3 years ago


Thank you for your teaching on the Holy Spirit.