Resurrection Living - Day 1

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4 years ago

Thank you Lord for all you have done for us. The unimaginable pain and suffering. Help us to go forth and live the life you want for us. Pray and penance daily not just for Lent.
Thank you Bruce and Rosemary and staff for your teaching and reminders.I have found that during this time of lockdown, it has slowed my life and allowed me time to be with the Lord. See there is a positive in everything.
We pray for all who have lost their lives an for their families plus all those in hospital at the moment. God Bless.

4 years ago

I pray that my children practice the faith they were taught and attend mass on Sundays. During this time of lockdown I keep sending little texts to say pray or mass is on channel 7 at certain times just to awakem their faith. God help them please. They now have children of their own who need to see them practice their faith as an example but one daughter thinks sending them to Catholic school is her duty done. Again I ask God help her please. Thanks Be To God for all the abundance of blessings he has bestowed upon my… Read more »

Margaret Nicerio
4 years ago

Thank you for the daily messages.
I have been so blessed.
I hope you can continue even when Easter is finished.
Thanks again
God Bless Margaret

Sister Margaret Smith
4 years ago

A thousand thanks to you, Bruce and Rosemary for your ministry.. The Lenten and Easter Programme were Grace-filled and inspiring. I am so happy you are continuing with the walk with the Resurrected Jesus. Your talks are so inspiring and life-giving. You and your ministry are remembered in prayer.
Margaret Smith

Gemma Fritz
4 years ago

I look forward to listening to your videos everyday. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. I was 27. 18 months after being diagnosed I was sent for tests relating to my heart and I was diagnosed with a heart condition. The dr put me onto steroids for the condition and I was advised I could never have children as I would be on the medication for the remainder of my life. During this time my family and I prayed a lot for me to get well and I attended a few healing masses. I also prayed to… Read more »

4 years ago

A reminder for me praise and to give thanks to God more often ; I think sometimes I ask too often .
Easter blessings to your family and your team.

Mariefrance Maclou
4 years ago

Dear Rosemary & Bruce
I would like to wish you a Blessed Easter with your family. Thank you so much for sharing the Lenten Reflections everyday, it has been very inspiring for me, give me the strength to carry on during this difficult time. I have also prayed for all those people suffering in the world. We are all in one ,i hope that some people gets closer to God as i asked for the grace of myself getting closer to God. Thank you so much & your team for helping everybody with their life.
Regards Marie

4 years ago

After months and months of prayer, on Easter Sunday the first step of reconciliation in our family took place. I will thank the LORD always and continue to pray for all of us, and the world. HOPE and have faith in the God he is risen.

Valerie Simms.
4 years ago

Thank you Bruce, Rosemary and Team for continuing this journey with us and offering spiritual and practical support. I must also mention the extra help you give us in getting to know God at a more deeper and intimate way as well as how to walk daily our resurrection journey with the Risen Lord. I would like also to thank the participants who are taking this journey with me and for their positive contribution they give God bless you Bruce, Rosemary, the Team and all the participants! Happy Easter Monday. I’ll be seeing you all tomorrow, God willing. PS Thank… Read more »

brenda sweet
Reply to  Valerie Simms.
4 years ago

I have been pushed to the edge in my life with many heartaches but jesus has always been my strength I will never leave you , I have clung to this message. Thankyou Bruce all your team . Jesus says beleive in me in me and we shall know god . I trust god and do good, so thanks Bruce and all Youe team . May god bless you abundantly. Amen . Brenda

Leonie M Cornell
4 years ago

I have seen many times when God has come alongside me when I was grieving and made me know I was not alone. Sent new friends when I felt like I had none. Those friends are still with me today. Times when I was concerned about our debts growing and money came from all sorts of sources, enough so it became possible to get through. Thank you Lord for always being there, even when I was not sure of your presence. It was always me who walked away, and you ran to me as soon as I acknowledged my need… Read more »

tom lawson
4 years ago

Please pray I don’t pass virus tony family
As I visited mum recovering from virus

4 years ago

Than you Bruce for your ministry, God bless you and Rosemary.

4 years ago

Morning, walking with Jesus.

4 years ago

We are the Easter people! I thank God daily for my blessings and my faith.
Bruce I want to thank you and Rosemary and all your staff for your ministry – the Lenten talks and the prayer and impact teaching sessions with the wonderful musicians and the inspiring and beautiful singers. I have been overwhelmed many times feeling god’s love for me and all peoples.
I pray that we continue to walk in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

4 years ago

In the middle of the chaos of the Coronavirus your daily messages or prayer services have been something to sustain us-. Thank you for your insight into prayer and the development of our relationship with God- a focus that is often overlooked in traditional church services! Thank you ( and God) for your ministry!!

Sandra Ann Zaschak
4 years ago

You help my frame of mind. In these trying times, I appreciate all you do.

Michelle Oglin
4 years ago

As a recovering alcoholic & addict, I’ve seen & lived a life of misery. I came across Brice Downes on TV after I converted to Catholicism. Life over the years are more enjoyable through our faith & Bruce Ministries. Be blessed with all Mercy & grace of our lord, together we can live in Gracious Peace.

Odell Roundtree
Reply to  Michelle Oglin
4 years ago


Thank you for another good message.

Rosie imbert
4 years ago

Thank you Bruce for walking with us in our faith, for giving us the strength in this difficult time of lockdown. Pls pray for people that have lost their jobs , all the essential workers that do such a great job everyday to help others.. Amen

Kevin Hebert
4 years ago

The main thing I took from your teaching today was the necessity of relying on God “daily.” I’ve often prayed and said novenas asking God for success in my sales for the month. And while there’s really nothing wrong with that I feel like I should try to be more like the people in exodus that relied on God’s manna from heaven on a daily basis. Like the Lord’s Prayer, give us this day our daily Bread. Thank you!

Laura M Picard
4 years ago

Hallelujah Bruce,
I am homeless with my dog. I still have an income. living in a tent has drawn me closer to God. I sure don’t fit in this world. I just want a simple roof to sleep in peace with a job well done. God has showed up and showed out. I received that stimulus check already. Set God’s tithe aside. Life is good. I don’t know how to not walk daily with God. He is all I have

4 years ago

Thank you for reminding us to be thankful. Sometimes we get so self absorbed with sadness, especially in life right now, it is hard to see the goodness of God. I appreciate this journey with you.