Resurrection Living - Day 12

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Leonie M Cornell
4 years ago

Well this is one of the changes I am making having the time these days to not rush off somewhere. I am here early for me, and I am the first one to comment on today. In reflecting especially on keeping up first and last thoughts with varying success, I realised I needed to do these messages as part of the first things I do each day instead of sandwiching them into the day at various times. So here I am Lord, and I am loving the challenges You are setting me and the ways in which You are helping… Read more »

John T
4 years ago

Hi Bruce, ever since I first attended your evening sessions at Infant Jesus church in Morley you had an impact on my life, and whilst my life changes weren’t instantaneous, they made me stop and reassess my priorities, so much so that for the last 15 year’s my 1st priority is to read a passage from a book called Jesus Today, and then reflect on the bible referencing. Since you started your lenten programs this was my next commitment which has been a wonderful experience from which I have experienced a new way off walking with God. This latest lenten… Read more »

Reply to  John T
4 years ago

Yes, I agree, One listen is not enough. It is a blessing to come back during the day to hear the encouragement and teaching again. The Lenten journey 2 years ago with Bruce Downes Ministry changed my life so. I have been a believer for many years, but the Lord uses Bruce and Rosemary to take our hand and lead us lovingly, a step at a time into a greater relationship with God.

4 years ago

Hi Bruce, Thank you again for your discussions in walking with God. I love listening to them, this opens my eyes and heart to God more and more each day.

Valerie Simms
4 years ago

Thank you Bruce for these messages that are shaking up my thoughts, beliefs, the way I see the Lord and myself! There is a lot of reassessing going on and I need this time of virtual lock down for reflection and going deeper into my relationship with God, as well as the opportunity to deepen my faith. I agree with the other participants I look forward to these sessions and I am especially keen to participate in tomorrow’s prayer session. I have had requests to pray for others and will bring these requests along with my own much needed prayer… Read more »

4 years ago

The social isolation has given me the opportunity to take more time to seek God…and you and your team have been a large part of that deeper connection with Him.

Deanna-Jane Sumner
4 years ago

My Confirmation was that event for me. My boyfriend at the time and I were talking about getting married in the Church. I was not Confirmed, and he was going convert. Once I was Confirmed, I was going to sponsor him. So I went through RCIA and had an amazing journey. During that time, my boyfriend and I broke up, which was a good thing. A few years later, I moved, met Willie, and sponsored him through RCIA. And that was an amazing journey – for both of us. A month later he proposed and six months later we were… Read more »

4 years ago

Thank you

4 years ago

Thank you so much Bruce for giving us continuous support in this very challenging time ????

Rattanavady Genevieve Luangrathrajasombat
4 years ago

Questioning fearing the coronavirus activity still EVEN OUR LORD AND HOLY FATHER GOD AND HOLY MARY AND ST JOSEPH MY JESUS FOSTER DADDY LOVE 2020