Resurrection Living - Day 13

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3 years ago

Please pray for daughter Belinda who won’t leave the house or let anyone into her house since Coronavirus. She used to come over 3 times a week and now that restrictions are eased she was invited for lunch on Sunday but she sent her partner and daughter but still she won’t leave. I worry about her mental health. She won’t go to the park next to her home with them either. She wasn’t like this before Coronavirus. Lord hear our prayers. Thanks be to God.

3 years ago

Thank you, Bruce! Living in the expectation of God providing . . . the ongoing providence of God! Experiencing this in our lives.

3 years ago

Thank you Bruce!

Paul Rodriguez
3 years ago


Rita warren
3 years ago

Thank you. Praying for our daughter, Deborah, who because of two surgeries on her shoulder in less than a year. As the results, she has constant pain in her right shoulder. This Has been going on for several years now. Lord, please relieve her of her constant pain. Amen.

3 years ago

Please pray for all the healing that is needed in my family.

Andrea Chay
3 years ago

Expectation that God will show up, what a beautiful concept!

Odell Roundtree
Reply to  Andrea Chay
3 years ago

Thank you for another good message. I think God has created our hearts to be ok with what He allows. However, the more He answers our prayers, the stronger our faith becomes.

Rattanavady Genevieve Luangrathrajasombat
3 years ago

Lord Jesus, please show me sigh for me to return to work because of my age coronavirus are attracting SHIELD ME PLEASE WHEN THE TIME COMES .AMEN

Leonie M Cornell
3 years ago

i am going to have expectation that God will come into the life of my daughter in low who faces a big decision and maybe a problem in returning to her old job if this new situation does not come to pass. I pray she leans on you even as her belief is very small if at all, because you can do everything in hearts of those who open up to you and those who pray and beg for them. I trust in you Lord.