Resurrection Living - Day 5

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John T
4 years ago

Thank you Bruce for that simple but inspiring message, when I first wake up, usually around 5 am I just say good morning God, I am here, then thats as far as I get till I wake up again at about 6.30 am.
Yes your message is simple and easy to follow and a beautiful way to start and finish each day
God’s Blessings to you and your ministry

Christine O'Neill
4 years ago

Thank you Bruce
As you say it is such a simple reminder but I needed to be reminded

4 years ago

Thanks Bruce. The story of your granddaughter made me laugh so much. What a blessing children are! It really does change your life when you chose to put God first. Thanks for the reminder. God bless you.

Valerie Simms
4 years ago

Today I remembered to do just that Bruce, I prayed, I acknowledged the Lord’s presence and thanked Him for another day. I surrendered myself and chose Him to be Lord of my life. I put the Lord first while praying rather than be distracted with things that are not from God. This includes what my eyes may fall upon. I had time to do my daily readings and still went out with my husband to buy myself a pair of shoes in the city. To walk, have coffee and chat together. I thank the Lord I managed to do all… Read more »

4 years ago

The first thought…morning offering
Last thought…find that hard because I listen to a Podcast each night…will work on that..
Thank you again

4 years ago

Dear Bruce,
Thank you for all your encouragement. Your messages really help me to go deeper in my faith and to challenge myself more and more to know and love God.
I pray that God will continue to bless you and your family and the wonderful ministry you share.

4 years ago

Bruce every time i try and give there is something blocking the button

Odell Roundtree
Reply to  Cindy
4 years ago


Thank you for another good lesson and for sharing your family with us.

John Mc
4 years ago

Thank you, Bruce I was a plumber and drainer my prayer was I would ask our Blessed Lord what can I do for You today and sure enough, I would get a phone call this particular one was a Lady who had lost her husband who had band her from getting in touch with her family, after I had finished the job there was a cup of tea on the table for me. While talking to her she told me she was not allowed to ring her family. I asked her could II have their phone number which I got… Read more »

Leonie M Cornell
4 years ago

I definitely identify with it is not knowing that is the problem it is the not doing. I will commit again and put it in my to focus on, . First and last thoughts are now more on my mind and determination. Thank you again for always reminding us or teaching us ways to practically fitting God into our lives where we are really aware of His presence. After all, He is very aware of us, seeking us, all we need to do is allow Him in.

Kim L
4 years ago

One thing that I do is offer up what I am doing to God as a blessing to Him and to others. When I wring out a dish rag, I ring it out 3 times and say “Lord wring out the ugliness from my heart, wring out the ugliness from my mind and wring out the ugliness from my soul and replace it with a greater love for you. You can bring prayer into every situation that you do during the day. I loved your “Lord I did this day with you” statement.