Resurrection Living - Day 6

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3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for your daily teachings.
Your Sunday message was powerful and faith filled. Both you and Rosemary bring us the words of hope in these uncertain times.
God bless you both and stay well.

3 years ago

I truly loved and reflected on yesterday’s teaching. Glad you said write some notes and as I read them later in the day I felt touched by God and closer to him. But I did wonder why you didn’t mention it was Divine Mercy Sunday. What a great lesson you could have given. Jesus I Trust In You. Thank you Bruce and Rosemary. ????????????

3 years ago

Thank you for your messages. Touched by all of them
Can I ask if I can get video copies of the songs played on your Sunday service yesterday. I love to use songs in my prayer time. I would like to have them beyond the end of this week
Thank you and God Bless

Leonie M Cornell
3 years ago

thank you Bruce for once again talking to me right where I am. I have re-embraced the first and last thought with a new understanding and it is already having fruit. Thank you God for giving Bruce and Rosemary such an important mission and for keeping all of us real in our being and walking with You.

3 years ago

Living in the mystery….caring for my husband for the last eight life has changed so much…but a true spiritual journey..thank you Lord..

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for today’s message on being real. There are circumstances in my own life that makes being real very difficult and it’s not for want of trying! In those times what gives me great comfort is knowing that the Lord knows me better than I know myself and my circumstances, He knows all about them. After all He is and knows all truth. I trust in Him to bring me through these tough times, this does not mean that I sit back and do nothing and expect God to fix my problems and drop them into my lap.Which… Read more »

Deanna-Jane Sumner
3 years ago

“God is in the real-ness of our every day life” was such a powerful statement. For me, it’s that bridge between the First Thought and the Last Thought. And each moment is one more step over that bridge.

I am so glad you are feeling better, Bruce. Praying for yours and Rosemary’s health everyday. God Bless.

3 years ago

Thank you Bruce again for your inspirational words and helping us to be with God in a more personal relationship. Hope your feeling better soon.
We are grateful for you, Rosemary and the team for all you do. God bless you all.

Odell Roundtree
Reply to  Teresa
3 years ago


It is good to hear that you do not have the other virus/ Thank you for sharing the letter from the priest with us, his message says everything that describes your teaching.