Joyful Mysteries - Saturday

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Joyce Murabito-Gustafson
12 days ago

How do I download more about the rosary booklet being told about? Simon says to go to Bruce but I’m not finding what I need

Reply to  Joyce Murabito-Gustafson
11 days ago

Hi Joyce, I am part of the Ministry and wanted to let you know how to find the Free Rosary Resource. Go to:
It is great to have you praying the Rosary with us!

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Vicky Sammut
Reply to  Sandra
11 days ago

Thank you, Sandra. It is sometimes hard to hear what is being said in the introduction over the music.

Mary Kam
11 days ago

Pray that all PROTESTants be enlightened to come back to THE ONE HOLY CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH that was founded by Jesus Christ and His Apostles.

Pray fervently that all PROTESTants abandon their man-made beliefs started by Martin Luther / John Calvin / Ulrich Zwingli and come to the one true church to receive their salvation in the Sacraments that Jesus Christ gave to sustain all of us in our journey towards our Eternal Home with Him…

Valerie Simms
11 days ago

Thank you Simon for praying the Holy Rosary of the Joyful Mysteries with me tonight! You pray the Holy Rosary really well Simon! But could you please slow down a little for me? May the Lord bless you heaps Simon,good night!