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Jeanette Easton
10 months ago

Thank you Bruce for sharing your journey, WHAT A JOURNEY UT HAS BEEN. You have touched my life in a real way and I know you will continue to do so. I thank you you for bringing me closer to God. I am praying with everyone who has signed up to pray COME HOLY SPIRT COME. Thank you for being such a wonderful Shepherd. Jeanette

Carol Hamilton
10 months ago

Dear Heavenly Father we come before to praise and worship you, you are the great I Am there is no one before you, you are the creater the maker the one true Lord, we thank you Jesus that you died and rose again to bring salvation to us so we can stand before the Father in righteousness. Thank you that you sent your Holy Spirit to live in us and with us to guide and help us. We come now to ask that you will send your Holy Spirit afresh upon your creation that your will will be done on… Read more »

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10 months ago


10 months ago

Hi Bruce, I have been following you for many years now now and you have led me to a deeper relationship with God. I am so very grateful. I too have. Message pop up in my phone with the Holy Spirit prayer which I pray several times a day. I have an 85 year old brother who does not believe and I just spent a couple of days with him and every time I put my hand on his shoulder, I said Come Holy Spirit. I believe that before his life is over, he will reunite himself to God because… Read more »

Raymond Russo
10 months ago

Hi Bruce
Thank you for your Email and the wonderful work you inspire in us…

10 months ago

Thank you so much for all you share. God has given you many gifts & sharing them with us blesses us & those we share you with. God bless you even more.

Theresa Annie. Myrtle Beach..USA
10 months ago

I have gotten so much out of this series that I want more of The Holy Spirit…Come Holy Spirit Come….we always need you but in these chaotic times ewe need You more than ever.
Thank you and Rosemary for your ministry ❤️❤️

Vicki Gibbs
10 months ago

I thank God for you. Thank you for your faithfulness to God’s call on your life. You have blessed me, and are leading me into the deeper walk with our Lord and Savior, I have always desired. Yes, we NEED the Holy Spirit now.

10 months ago

How God chooses to answer our prayers is not our concern. I love this. “Come Holy Spirit “ is becoming my never ending mantra.

Valerie Simms
10 months ago

Thank you Bruce for openly sharing with us the difficult journey you had in beginning your ministry and how the Lord during your period of waiting strengthened your desire. I can see some similarities in my own life and how the events of the past and my passion for the Word of God are becoming more relevant now. Tying the past to the present. And I can really relate to your agony of waiting,as the Lord works internally within us and in our circumstances to provide us with the most optimum spiritual maturity,gifts and abilities, knowledge, trust and faith to… Read more »

Christine ONeill
10 months ago

This is moving in me, I feel the deepening need to pray. I have been given the gift of growing old, maybe this is the reason.

Christine Thomas
10 months ago

Come Holy Spirit. Fill our hearts with your love. It is only God’s love apparent in the world that will draw people into relationship with the Holy Trinity. Holy Spirit please make us instruments of Your love.

10 months ago

Thank you Bruce for sharing your journey with us, we can see and feel the hunger in your heart to speak the word of God.
This touches us all. I so much want to know and understand more and be closer to God as well. In time and every day when I listen to you I have a better and deeper understanding.
Thank you again.

10 months ago

Amazing this article was fr me. I do pray the rosary, but not enough to the Holy Spirit!! I have the gift of tongue & I can babble on as I please but I dnt understand it so I dnt feel that I’m praying to th Holy Spirit! Thanku Bruce I loved yr story it’s encouraged me to pray & wait!????????????????