Start Strong - Day 5

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Jeanette Easton
14 days ago

Loving this series so much you are really opening up the scriptures.. Thank you so much. This is what I have been looking for for so long. You explain passages in a way I have never seen before. Again THANK YOU.

Valerie Simms
13 days ago

Thank you Bruce I will!!! This message is sooo relevant as I read the Scripture verses in Mark 7;31-37 this morning! The emphasis I placed was more on the spiritual area of my life of hearing God rather than the physical hearing.Working at being confident in God in and through all my circumstances, where there seems to be no way,God can and will find a way!!! As He did for the Hebrew people, through Moses His messenger,prophet and servant!!! I can also truly relate to your experience at the dentist when you were nine, except the experience happened to me… Read more »

Leonie Cornell
12 days ago

I am really appreciating the messages about stillness.and fighting the fear. I know this all in my mind. But you bring it forward. I have been reflecting on this for a while now, but I love how you bring texts to my attention as more worthy of deeper reflection.
Right now, I have a temporary health problem, which is painful, and a bit of pushback from family about how to handle this. So this is really timely. The Lord will fight for me, in regard to pain handling and in family understanding.God Bless.

Edi Hala
12 days ago

Hi Bruce.
Well I’m new to the catholic religion, just studying and trying to understand everything at the moment, but just wanted to say thank you for your daily devotions, the way you speak I just fully understand for some strange reason. Well mate would love to have a chat with you about Life and God sometime drop me a email so we could arrange time to talk. Thanks again Bruce

Bruce O'Ehley
10 days ago


Bruce O'Ehley
10 days ago


Bruce O'Ehley
10 days ago

praise the Lord