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22 days ago

,we are a species of apeIt is claimed that we are made in gods image we are a species of ape we have 98% of their DNA there for god is a monkey

Reply to  bob
15 days ago

bob I suspect you are not waiting for any answer and I see why no one responded, but I cannot get out of my head the fact that in a musuem in Canberra ACT, there is a banana and the blurb says, that human DNA is closest to a banana, forget the ape thing. But that does not mean we are bananas surely. I say this with much love and a sense of the fun of science which never contradicts God as He set the scientific rules so this is impossible.

paul mwebaza
22 days ago

good message

Catherine Jansz
21 days ago

I cannot see the video that you sent me

15 days ago

I love love this series. I am overcome. Thank you Bruce for being so real. You let us into your worship ideas and show us that lying flat or watching the stars is such a great way to come closer to the face of God. I once in reflection, got the idea that as we believe the universe is now infinite and there is no finish, it is as God’s creation a splendid sculpture of God Himself. He too, is splendid unable to be seen for the awesomeness and infinite and yet right there with us, as we feel we… Read more »