THE WEEKLY | Bless 2024

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John (Jan)
5 months ago

Thank you Bruce for this life changing message. It’s a lot to absorb in one sitting but upon reflection and another session and meditation with God and the holy spirit 🙏 🕊 I can see a change coming. I’m away in Japan for a couple of weeks in the snow ❄️ in the Japanese Alps and this will give me some very quite time to reflect more deeply on this message. Your ministry is constantly in my prayers, God’s blessing to you and your ministry 🕊🙏🤲

Raffaella Librandi
5 months ago

Great food for thought Bruce, ”Prayer” changes everything and puts us on the right path with God. I have grown to understand how everything happens for a reason and that everything we endure is part of God’s plan for us.

5 months ago

Thank you!

5 months ago

Thank you Bruce for this message. You always seem to say what I need to hear. Thank you God for loving me unconditionally.

5 months ago

Thank you for your touch of personal humor. You actually make me smile and sometimes chuckle.

Shirley Jenner
4 months ago

Beautiful. I’m soaked with tears. Thank you. Amen and amen