THE WEEKLY | Christmas: The Impossible Becoming Possible

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Raffaella Librandi
2 months ago

Bruce, you have highlighted the importance of faith and prayer in fulfilling our assignements just as Mary and Josepd did and be in God’s favour.

2 months ago

I pray for the impossible to become possible with my 3 adult children who have so much bitterness towards each other,so much unforgiveness which invites or opens doors for demons to come into their lives.Please lord Jesus the only present I want for Xmas is for my children to reconcile,to forgive each other and remember that Jesus died on the cross to save us from sin,forgave those who sinned against Him,rose after the 3rd day and is now seated at the right hand of His Father. Please Lord Jesus help my children remember this as they celebrate Xmas,the birth of… Read more »

Regina Alongi
2 months ago

Praying for Frank to come out of the hospital and be home for Christmas. Praying Florence will be healed of pancreatic cancer. May the impossible be possible.