God Is Not Looking For Perfect, He’s Looking For You

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1 year ago

Such an impactive message! I am an impactor! I ask God to be the center of my life!

1 year ago

Wonderful message Bruce. On this Feast of Christ The King, I pray Jesus be the Lord of my life today & always.

Susan Dudek
Reply to  Vivienne
1 year ago

Amen, Vivienne!

1 year ago

Thank you for this reminding me that the imperfect life I lead and the mistakes i make are forgiven and my job it to keep moving forward, making those mistakes and know they are the tools God sent me to make me stronger and become an Impactor. I don’t feel qualified and now when I begin to doubt my self I know those are the teaching moments. I was blessed to spend an Evening with Bruce and Rosemary in Chicago and it was so much more than I could have imagined. If they come anywhere near where you can be… Read more »

Susan Dudek
Reply to  Susan
1 year ago

Susan, you are so Blessed! I am 4 hours from Chicago, and yet, things a rose in my life, and I was unable to go . . . I was so sad, I was unable to see Bruce and Rosemary! They have changed my life also! I’m so happy for you, that your were able to go and encounter God through them! Bruce, Rosemary if you’re reading this, I’ve been Praying for you, that the power of the Holy Spirit be with you and enlighten you in all you say and do, and for your safe travels! Thank you Bruce… Read more »

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Susan Breiding
Reply to  Susan Dudek
1 year ago

Thank you Susan you are also in my prayers and I look forward to meeting you one day. I feel the ministry will be back in the states again and will pray for that. It is a Blessed encounter not to be missed. Thank you for your prayers my friend.

Bruce Downes
Reply to  Susan Dudek
1 year ago

Hi Susan
Chicago is a place I travel often for various reasons. I am sure we will be back. It was a great night together with people coming from long distances. We will announce other venues and dates both in the US and other countries soon. The next is Phoenix tomorrow night. I pray God blesses all who attend.
God bless

Roxane Angotta
1 year ago

Thank you for this beautiful reminder and message!
please pray for my family to come back to Jesus and surrender to him.

Judy Busato
1 year ago

It was very moving seeing you and Rosemary in Chicago. I do hope we can get together again to continue to grow our faith journey with God and have other’s join in this journey.

1 year ago

Thank You 😊🙏and God Bless