The Power of Being Known by Jesus

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Jeanette Easton
24 days ago

Your message this morning was just so powerful. I go to Mass regularly and hear some beautiful homilies but Bruce you bring Jesus so close and for me personally the change you have made to my life is amazing and the scriptures really come to life. Is there in any way the messages and scripture verses and message you open up can be saved. I’ve tried journaling them but so hard to capture everything you say. Do you know of any Bible study that explains the scriptures in a manner you do. I’m watching the mail every day for your… Read more »

24 days ago

Thank you Bruce for your very powerful, emotional message today. May God Bless you abundantly to reach many people with this & all your messages. Come Holy Spirit.

Kathy higdon
24 days ago

Thank you Bruce for reminding me that Jesus knows me !

Deanna Francke
23 days ago

Bruce, I thank you for a very powerful & inspiring message today. I too attend Mass regularly & have heard many homilies delivered over my lifetime, but you seem to have something special in bringing the scriptures alive. Keep doing what you do so well & may God bless you, Rosemary & the team abundantly with all the resources that you require.✝💐🙏

23 days ago

Thank You 😊 Bruce&Rosemary. I think We Children of God ❤️ at this time in Life are being asked to really show Like Peter We believe in God and Jesus is Happy We Believe 😊.

23 days ago

Thank you knowing your Presence lord always there to Protect us all and families

Mary Skon
20 days ago

I thank God for you, Bruce! Your daily devotional messages are so powerful and under stable. I do my very best to encourage others to tune in as we are in an unstable world & all need Jesus in our lives. God Bless you – Mary

18 days ago

Thank You 🙏😊.