What the Ascension Means For You

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Eileen Chisari
30 days ago

Bruce, thank you for such a beautiful explanation of the scripture for this time in the liturgical year. I am feeling blessed and my heart is open for more.

30 days ago

Bruce that was very inspiring as always.I leave for Ireland for 4 months next Sunday and am wondering if your message reaches there,if so then I will be happy to continues your valued reflections.Blessings on your new venture and thank you for all that you give to us.

Bruce Downes
Reply to  Sr.Catherine
30 days ago

Hello Sr Catherine

Yes you will find the Messages in Ireland. We have wonderful viewers there.

The first Bishop I spoke to about the Ministry who encouraged me was Bishop Bob Healy, an Irishman. I love the Irish.

Where are you from?

I pray you have a wonderful time in Ireland.

God bless


30 days ago

Thank you, Bruce, for explaining what the Ascension means for us. On Friday, in our parish, we began a Novena to the Holy Spirit for the Seven Gifts in preparation for Pentecost.

30 days ago

A wonderful message today! Thank you

30 days ago

Please pray for the family of my sister-in-law who passed away Friday night after a long illness. She was a godly woman, who will be missed. Thank you, Bruce and your team.

Reply to  Gail
30 days ago


Ellen Culver
30 days ago

Thank you. I look forward to your daily message.

30 days ago

Be very blessed in your every endeavor to serve Him🙏👍

Jacqueline Ryan
30 days ago

I’m from Northern Ireland and I listen to your daily devotions every day. It gives me so much clarity on the teachings from Jesus that I didn’t really understand before. I thank the Lord so much that I’ve found your amazing service. Keep up the good work – Jacqueline Ryan

Lesley Yoneda
30 days ago

I too always imagine Jesus looking down on us. It annoys me when folk say ‘why does Jesus allow this?’ . I always think instead that he weeps with us when bad things happen. He’s forever with us, every moment of every day, sharing all joys and sorrows. Amen.

Mary Elizabeth
30 days ago

Bruce, what a enlightening talk you gave today on The Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ. It brought tears to my eyes in already knowing and believing that Jesus is preparing a place in heaven in heaven for me. I already believe this because my son, my parents, family, love ones and friends have gone before me. To make it through each day without them knowing this I can live a life of Hope knowing I will be with them again one day. First time really hearing that Jesus intercedes for us. I know it was the Holy Spirit that… Read more »

30 days ago

Please pray for my son and his children

29 days ago

Thank you for your lesson.

Rosemary Littfin
29 days ago

Your daily message enriches my walk with Christ. Thank you

Geraldine Smith
28 days ago

I would like to sing in the choir and walk through beautiful gardens without having to pull out any weeds!! Thankyou Bruce

Patricia Edgar
28 days ago

Ian ready to embrace theHoly Spirit in the absence of Jesus Christ who is now seated in heaven with God, the Father.

Susan Dudek
27 days ago

Blessings Bruce! We all need to learn how to listen. “Speak, Lord, I’m listening” The song by Gary Ault , says: Speak, Lord, I’m listening, Plant your word down deep in me. Speak, Lord, I’m listening, Please show me the way.
Amen 🙏🏼 ❤️

Barbara Naylor
26 days ago

Please pray for my Son Jens who has had Pneumonia twice in three months 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻, Thank you

24 days ago

Even a second time this word is Beautiful, Thank You 😊 Bruce and Team. May God ❤️ Bless You’re New Work Location 😊 with much Love ❤️