THE WEEKLY | You Can Dream Like Joseph - He Saved the Savior

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Raffaella Librandi
2 months ago

Like St Joseph Bruce, God has entrusted you to save us, to save the world from unbelief. Merry Christmas

2 months ago

Thank you Bruce for such a powerful message. God bless you and your family and staff Amen!

2 months ago

Thank you Bruce for what you shared on Dec24 .It meant a lot to me. It spoke to me.

1 month ago

Thank you Bruce God bless you and your family

Carol Konze
1 month ago

This message of daily prayer spoke volumes to me. Thank you Bruce.

1 month ago

Thank you. I have indeed done all of what you say. pray so late that it is so so hard to stay awake. In fact I have gone to sleep sitting up, not realising until I wake much later in the loungeroom. And I will be changing to absolutely give my 15+ minutes, already begun during that amazing time of sharing prayer with you. And doing it if at all possible at a much better time. Not last, but first. God Bless. And I can hardly wait to hear how that time of prayer at 3am has changed you and… Read more »