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3 months ago

Thank God that we have the Holy Spirit in our lives to keep us strong in faith, and close to Jesus.

3 months ago

I so very much appreciate these daily uplifting videos. They continue to drive my prayer life. Thank you to your whole team. God bless you all.

3 months ago

God Bless you and your team. Thank you 🙏 for uplifting videos I have followed them all this year and have inspired me in prayer. Keep up the great work in this time of uncertainty and distress in our world. We pray The Holy Spirit will come into our lives and the world.

Erica engelbrecht
3 months ago

” come o Holy Spirit come and .
Make .
My home / body Thy dwelling ” a Hymm

DIANE Williams
3 months ago

Good morning, I just happen to stumble across this video, what an inspiring message. I would like to connect with this ministry. I need prayer for my husband. I’m catholic, my husband is protestant. What can I do to make my commitment to GOD

Gail Fletcher
3 months ago

Come Holy spirit