Renew Yourself by Turning Up

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Michealine Roche
9 months ago

Thank you for giving me the guidance

Valerie Simms
9 months ago

Thank you Bruce,for encouraging me to put in my 15 minutes a day with God alone. I too get distracted, I also quickly forget. So all that is important gets written down. What can be more important than God?!!! God bless you, Rosemary and Team today! Hope to see you tonight at the Prayer Time!

Mary Thurston
9 months ago


Mary Thurston
Reply to  Mary Thurston
9 months ago

I pray to stay focused in the Holy Spirit every day. And not ever away. In Jesus Name.

Stanley J Dural
9 months ago

I truly enjoy the work of your ministry and pray the Lord continues to give you His Grace to continue.

God Bless,
Stan Dural

Jacqueline St Mart
8 months ago

I have been following your ministry online. And I have been enriched by God’s presence in my life
Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with Us. Amen